The Laser Vago

Is a versatile dinghy that will introduce you to a crewed, trapeze boat.  The dinghy comes with a variety of options, including a smaller, Dacron rig with a smaller spinnaker to a larger Mylar rig complete with appropriate spinnaker.  The beauty of this dinghy is that if you prefer, it can also be sailed single handed.

The Laser 4000

For the team that like thrills and excitement, this single trapeze boat has been one of the most popular and challenging boats on the single wire scene.  Responsive, fast and competitive, sailing this boat will give an amazing buzz.

The Laser 5000

The Laser5000 was the most exciting new boat to enter the dinghy racing scene in the 1990’s. Not only does it offer high performance adrenalin filled thrills, it is also allows different size crews to compete equally for the first time. The Laser 5000 is a challenging boat to master but once tamed provides one of the most exciting twin wire rides around today. If you want to experience the thrill of twin wire helming or crewing there is a Laser 5000 ready

BYOB – Bring Your Own Boat

If you prefer to bring along your own dinghy to improve on specific areas, please give the centre a call to discuss what you’d like to achieve and how we can meet your aims.

The Coach RIB

The coach RIB –  Zodiac Black 60HP Suzuki