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About The Scheme

The RYA Powerboat Scheme was first developed to provide a qualification for dinghy sailing instructors adn club safety boat drivers using powerboats to cover their dinghy fleets.

It has grown from its original concept into what is now the most popular scheme offered by the RYA.  The Scheme is applicable to sportsboats, RIBs, dories and launches and other boats that don’t provide accommodation and cooking facilities.

The lowest age limit for RYA training in powerboats is 8 years old (RYA PB 1 only)

Eight to eleven year olds should only use powered craft under the supervision of a responsible adult on board.

The minimum age for an RYA PB2 Course is 12 years old, Those aged 12-16 should only use powered craft under the supervision of a responsible adult.

The Right Powerboat Course For You

Level 1 Start Powerboating.  This course is to provide a practical introduction to boat handling and safety in powerboats and the course duration is 1 day.  The minimum age for students is 8 years old.

Level 2 Powerboat Handling.  the course is designed to teach boat handling and seamanship in either planing or displacement boats.  No previous knowldege is required for this course.  The minimum age is 12 years old.

Safety Boat Course.   Those operating Safety Boats take on a significant responsibility not just for participants in other boats, but for themselves, their crew and their boat.  It is important that the helmsmen of safety boats are knowledgeable and trained.  This course is designed to provide techniques required to assist dinghy crews, windsurfers, kayaker and caonoists as well as providing some background knowledge and techninques to assit with race safety and management duties.

Direct Assessments

Direct entry assessments can be provided for the Powerboat Level 2 (Powerboat Handling) certificate.  Candidates should have the equivalent of at least one full season’s powerboat-handling experience and must be able to complete all of the practical elements of the Level 2 syllabus and have sufficient theory knowledge as outlined in the PB2 Syllabus and Logbook.

Those seeking a coastal PB 2 Certificate must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of tidal waters/situations.

Please call the centre should you wish to undertake a Direct Entry Assessment.

Becoming An Instructor

If you’re interested in passing on your Powerboating knowledge to others and have the neceesary pre-requisits, you may wish to become a Powerboat Instructor.  PPSA will run 1 or 2 Powerboat Instructor Courses a year according to demand.

The course will be run by a Powerboat Trainer who has been trained and assessed to deliver the course to the required standard.  Each course will be moderated on the last day by another, separate RYA Powerboat Trainer.

The course is preceded by a skills assessment to ensure that candidates have the powerboat driving skills required of an instructor.  These skills are based on the RYA Powerboat Level 2 skills.

Course Dates

Date/Time Event Book
10/12/2018 - 11/12/2018
9:15 am - 5:00 pm
RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course
Pembrokeshire Performance Sailing Academy, Pembroke Dock Pembrokeshire
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